Monthly Legal Updates

Meeting regulatory requirements and complying with environmental and health and safety regulation is essential for managing a profitable business.   In addition, ISO 14001 certification cannot be achieved or maintained without demonstrating compliance to legal requirements.  ISO 14001:2015 mentions compliance twenty six times, and specifically requires the following:

  • Establish, implement and maintain the processes need to meet its compliance obligations (Clause 6.1.1);
  • Determine and have access to the compliance obligations related to its environmental aspects (Clause 6.1.3)
  • Maintain documented information of its compliance obligations (Clause 6.1.3)

Establishing a process for regular review and documentation of Federal, State and Local regulation can be a daunting task.

CMA’s Legal Updates subscription makes this easy.  We provide our Clients with a monthly report which outlines any regulatory changes that may affect their business.

The easy-to-read form contains hyperlinks to the normative documents and has areas to indicate appropriate review and action by the organization’s management.

CMA’s Monthly Legal Updates Log has been a part of Environmental Management Systems for dozens of our clients, and routinely receives positive comments from third-party auditors.