In an effort to provide our clients with the most relevant technology in the time of COVID-19, we have partnered with Information Technology Services LLC to offer you the next security system for your company, Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring.

Imagine being able to give your staff and clients the security of knowing that every person that walks through your company’s doors is being screened for the number one symptom of infection, a fever.

Thermal-based temperature monitoring solutions were first introduced during the SARS outbreak but are now more affordable than ever. It is a non-contact automatic temperature monitoring system. The system supports monitoring up to 3 people per second which is much faster than handheld solutions and without fear of cross-contamination to security personnel.  A variety of alerts and notifications can be configured once a person is detected with a higher than acceptable body temperature.  These range from audible alarm and flashing lights to system operator and security personnel notifications.

Your ROI goes beyond safety and directly leads into efficiency. When the pandemic is over, stopping the spread of the common flu will save you time and money on sick leave, and loss of productivity.  We can infer from data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the Buerau of Labor Statistics, that screening employees for fever associated with common flu will save an employer an average of $280 per year per employee.

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