QMSThere are many baseless assertions regarding Quality Management Systems currently in circulation. Be sure not to fall for these:

  1. QMS requires excessive documentation and paperwork.
  2. Doesn’t add value but need one because customers want you to have one.
  3. QMSs’ area a net cost to the organization.
  4. A QMS doesn’t allow your organization to be flexible and innovative.
  5. QMS certification is not required; therefore, it is not needed.
  6. QMS doesn’t help my business, it distracts the organization from core activities.
  7. Management systems are a fad.
  8. Management systems do not guarantee product quality.
  9. My customer is already inspecting and auditing my products, therefore I don’t have to implement a QMS and get certified.
  10. Other certifications (FDA, UL, GLP, GMP) are a valid substitute for implementing a QMS.

If you have any questions regarding your current Quality Management System, feel free to give us a call for a consultation.

The CMA Team