Whether your organization is a supplier to one or all of the OEM’s, keeping up with customer specific requirements (CSR’s) is a time consuming and challenging process.

The newly released IATF 16949 International Standard pays particular attention to compliance with customer specifics and requires that the organization maintains a document indicating that the customer specific requirements are addressed (clause

In order to address the problem of managing CSR’s, CMA has developed a unique program of integrating CSR’s into our Clients’ Quality Management System’s processes.

This CSR documentation is extremely useful to the Quality, Engineering and Production managers when developing procedures and work instructions for the QMS.  It is also an exceptional tool for Internal Auditors during the process-based audit of the QMS.

Our CSR documentation has been used by numerous clients and has been reviewed by the Registrars during 3rd party audits.  The comments we receive is that this is one of the best ways to ensure compliance to the customer specific requirements under IATF 16949.

CMA’s Customer Specifics Program is a subscription based service with rates based on the number of each Client’s Customers and the total number of facilities.  Contact CMA for a detailed quote and a sample of the CSR documentation.